Delivery Time: Instant To 24 Hours

Price: $ 16.99


User You Have to do is:
Flash ENG Root and read *.ASK file from Latest software.
To Read *.ASK file from G95x,N950x, such phones which do not have root
Reflash stock Firmware & then flash "Sprint Unlock Firmware" (which can be download from support area) & read *.ASK file & then Reflash stock Frimware wait for *.RPL from your Reseller. once you get your *.RPL write in while phone have stock firmware.
To Read *.ASK file from J327,J727
Reflash stock Firmware after that reflash combination WITHOUT SYSTEM.IMG to read *.ASK
Send that *.ASK file to your Reseller.
ASK2RPL Calculation could be Instant to 24 hours (Monday to Friday)
After you got your RPL, Write it back to phone.
After Write RPL, your phone will be unlocked. (Hardreset may need in some cases)
Unlock App will not Disappear
Unlock Will be Permanent & Phone will not Relock
*.RPL can be used only on phone which its readed.. life time
*.ASK read or *.RPL write do not touch imei,qcn,network etc.. if your phone have any issue make sure you verify before read ASK/RPL.. with *#0011# MIPI should be fail and IMEICERT should not FAIL